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Who are we?

iThrive is an amalgamation of clinical and counselling psychologists. We share one common goal of "Holistic growth and development". We believe that there is immense potential in each of us, which is very often hidden and untapped. Thus, our focus is to assist you in discovering your true self. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, a young adult or an adult, we design our sessions as per your needs and requirements. Whatever be the area of your challenge, our objective is to help you heal the troublesome aspect and enable you to take charge of your life.

Career counselling

When you catch a glimpse of your potential that’s when passion is born

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Child counselling

A Child who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected

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Group counselling

Every Human being is a genius but they destroy it by trying to be like someone else

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Relationship counselling

Be the change you want to see in others

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Individual counselling

Invest in yourself because you are worth it

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The Task ahead is not greater than the strength within you

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Why You Should Choose Us?

iThrive - Journey to Self discovery

Our name reflects our ideology and mission - Discover your true hidden self and begin your journey to growth.

At iThrive, we work towards achieving and maintaining a balanced emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health which will ultimately lead to a joyful, meaningful existence. We focus on providing a non-judgmental environment to help individuals work on their blind spots and free themselves from emotional baggage.

We give children the necessary guidance, care and nurture them along with systematic behavior or remedial plans to assist them grow into successful and happy individuals.
We have a great success rate in career guidance because our motive is to assist all students understand their strength and weaknesses. This enables them to take an accurate decision regarding their career paths. All the assessments used at iThrive are standardized.

We openly embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals. People have varied perspectives, conditioning and needs. Hence, we utilise integrated methods of psychotherapy as per the needs of the clients.

We, at iThrive, respect your personal space and hence, your privacy is completely guarded at all times.

Career guidance at iThrive

Times have changed and students have now become multi talented and a lot more dynamic. The career choices now range from medicine to mass communication, engineering to event management, marine biology to information technology. The scope in each field is immense. Hence, the confusion among teenagers face over which career to pick is unavoidable. Career counselling would, thus, help students to become aware of their interests, the available courses that suit their interests and the scope of the same. This enables the students to choose a career based on passion, and not a mere trend, resulting in higher satisfaction and productivity.

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Our Advisor

Dr Jalpa Bhuta has done her medical training at Sir J J Group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College. She then secured a Gold Medal in MD Psychiatry, having trained at Seth G.S Medical College and KEM Hospital for 3 years . After further doing her DNB at the National Board Level,and DPM, she worked as a Research Officer at a Prestigious WHO Project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of India. She worked as a Lecturer in General Psychiatry in KJ Somaiya Hospital, Department of Psychiatry.

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