Emotional Quotient

A human body and mind is so beautifully created that it has marvellous capacity to heal itself and fix every physical, mental and emotional stress or pain faced by us in life.

The stress or pain could be as small as “how do I reach office now that there is transport strike” to as big as “Losing a job, being penniless, death of a loved one” etc, we are empowered to recover and return from this state of pain or discomfort to a state of well being. We need not endure pain at all times.

So at any point of time do have feelings such as “I cannot cope up with the life challenges or Life is too tough and harsh with me” then probably you are depleted of this energy. To find out more about you energy levels

“Below is a Test. Just check your connection with self or Emotional well Being here and whether you need counselling

Test your emotional well being

Interpersonal Relationship

Everyone needs to feel understood, nurtured, and supported, but the ways in which these needs are met vary widely, when these needs are not met owing to differences in personalities, it may create conflicts and hence a unsatisfactory relationship leading to stress.

Take a Test to know more about your relationship quotient

Are you always worrying?

Are you unable to concentrate because of unrecognized reasons?

Does criticism disturb you greatly?

Are you continually unhappy without justified cause?

Are your feelings easily hurt?

Do you feel lonesome even if you are with people?

Do you lose your temper easily and often?

Are you troubled by regular insomnia?

Do you have wide fluctuations in your moods from depression to elation, back to depression, which incapacitate you?

Do you continually dislike being with people?

Are you upset if the routine of your life is disturbed?

Do your children or other people consistently get on your nerves?

Are you “put off” and constantly bitter?

Are you afraid without real cause


Does any person close to you try to dominate you?

Do any of the people with whom you are associated have personal habits and characteristics which irritate you?

Do you feel a lack of affection and love in your present home?

Do you find it difficult to make friends?

Do you dislike intensely certain people with whom you live now?

Do you occasionally have conflicting mood of love and hate for members of your immediate family, friends and acquaintances?

Have you found difficulty in making friends with members of the opposite sex?

Do you have frequent disagreement with the individual or individuals concerning the way things are to be done?

Do you find it easy to ask others for help?

Do you sometimes feel that you have been a disappointment to people you are close to?

Do you get angry at other people for minor issues?

Do you blame others when something goes wrong in your life?

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