Career counselling

At iThrive Career counselling is carried out scientifically with the help of appropriate Psychometric Tests followed by counselling as described below

  1. Power point presentation of various career options
  2. Gives awareness about different careers fields and updating with new courses introduced from time to time
  3. The entry point to each course
  4. The institutes that run the course
  5. Aptitude tests consist
  6. IQ Test
  7. Different Abilities Test
  8. Interest & Personality Test
  9. What will the report contain?
  10. The report will contain the scores of aptitude test
  11. Type of personality the students possess and their interest

Based on the comprehensive report of all tests, suggestions will be given as to which career will be best suited for the students

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Who hasn’t faced that question at least once in their lifetime?

Now just reflect upon what Confucius once said – “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” In fact, great men and women in history have frequently preached and practiced the love for their jobs. Napoleon Bonaparte, Mother Teresa, Shakespeare all have shared one common denominator – Passion for their work. Nature, in her subtlety, imparts the same message. A crow can never sing like a cuckoo and neither will he be successful in doing so. Like all the beings in this universe, humans also have a uniqueness and an individuality.Instead of conforming to the general norms, let us understand that each human is crafted differently, blessed with unique talents and personalities which suit particular fields. These fields would, hence, make the maximum use of our potential. The question remains – How does an individual figure out which is the correct field for himself? That’s when career guidance emerges into the picture.

  • What is career guidance?

When we fall ill, we seek the advice of a doctor to analyse our health. On similar grounds, we can get our personality analysed to determine our strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, characteristics and behavioural traits. This analysis is carried out using a set of tests called the “Psychometric Tests” which include the aptitude, personality and interest test. An individual can avail career guidance at any point of time; however, it is observed that career guidance is mostly sought after the tenth standard. The young students, during this period, are under great confusion regarding the selection of an appropriate field.

At iThrive, we provide career counselling as given below. Career counselling is carried out scientifically with the help of relevant Psychometric Tests followed by detailed counselling as described below:

  • An elaborate presentation on various career options.
  • Awareness about the various careers fields and updates on the new courses introduced.
  • The entry point to each course.
  • The institutes that offer the course.
  • Aptitude tests which consists of
  • IQ Test
  • Different Abilities Test
  • Interest & Personality Test
  • A detailed report encompassing the student’s personality, interests. Based on the report, suggestions will be provided as to which career path would be the best fit for the student.