Individual Counseling

At iThrive, we provide you a non judgemental environment to address your various concerns which could be

  • Assisting in increasing the emotional Quotient
  • Personal Effectiveness counselling for a balanced living
  • Dealing with Low Self Esteem and Low Self Confidence
  • Coping and Managing Stress
  • Dealing with Fear, Guilt Anxiety
  • Mood Swings and Depression

Counselling is a process where the counsellor paves the way for an individual to consider the aspects of his life that he wishes to change.

The whole idea is to enable the client to explore a difficulty or distressful situation which he may be experiencing. The individual is assisted by a counsellor whose main role is to encourage and help the client to make his own decisions on how to proceed. Through this process, the counsellor endeavors to guide the client from feeling like victim of circumstances to feeling of higher control over his life.

The Counsellor promotes the client’s personal growth, development and self-understanding, which in turn empowers the client to adopt more constructive life practices. counselling enables the client to develop a clearer understanding of his concerns and helps the client acquire new skills to manage his personal and educational issues a lot better. The therapist offers different perspectives and helps the client to think of creative solutions to problems. For the client, sharing his thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in his life can be most helpful.

The Counsellor focuses on enhancing the psychological well being of the client, such that the client is then able to unleash his full potential.