Vijal Sejpal

  • She has specialized in guidance and counselling. She has also undergone training in learning disabilities, in addition to REBT and KARKUFF model. She has worked with great dedication in the field of career guidance and counselling. She is able to intuitively guide students in selection of the course in addition to conclusions derived from scientific Aptitude test.
  • She believes that whether it is education or career, success in life will largely depend on sound emotional health. Thus she guides and motivates students to take a holistic approach and work towards acquiring life skills in addition to educational degrees and certificates, as in today’s world Emotional IQ is as important as IQ.
  • Depressive disorder is a silent destroyer of peace. She has developed pyscho-spiritual strategies to deal with it and her goal is assist people to replace sadness with joy and happiness. She is also a certified “Heal your Life trainer and hence blessed with teachings of “LOUISE HAY”
  • She has patiently assisted children facing learning disability and slow learning. Through various therapies, she can assist individual facing anxiety disorder. She also guides and assists couples to resolve their marital discords.