3 Life Lessons to learn from Bappa

It’s that time of the year when you feel your feet tapping to the beats of Nashik Dhol, when you’ve already had 5 modaks and there’s surprisingly place for some more. Yes, it’s Ganesh Chaturthi! There’s so much more to this festival than the ornately decorated Ganpati stalls and copious amount of delicious food. Lord Ganesha is regarded as one of the most important and well-known Gods in Indian mythology.

But, on a closer look, you’ll find that there’s so much to learn from the Elephant God.

Forgive and Forget

It does not matter how humiliated you’ve been or how hard you’ve been hit. It’s all about being a better person. Forgive, not only to be the better person, but to attain mental peace.

Peace above all is the motto to follow in life. If there’s unrest within yourself, it paves its way to your surroundings, too.

Listen closely

There are SO many problems in the world that would be solved if people JUST LISTENED. Everyone wants to be heard but nobody is there to listen.

It’s not just about lending a helping hand. Instead, try to lend a listening ear. Converse with your family, your loved ones. Listen to your kid rambling about his school, give some time to your parents or strike a conversation with a complete stranger.

Kindness heals all

Kindness is the panacea. With this fast paced world, where everyone is always trying to reach somewhere, kindness is rare. Practice kindness. As you sow, so shall you reap.

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Team iThrive wishes you a prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi!

Image source – Gallery of God

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