7 Signs that show You’re Ready to Tie the Knot!


  1. You see each other as an integral part of your lives.


That means sharing the most basic details without the fear of judgment. A good day or a bad day, he/she knows it all.

2. You often discuss your future together.



Legitimately. Long term future and not just where to grab dinner this weekend. You’ve had these discussions before and they don’t scare you anymore. You’re confident and you trust your better half.


3. You have similar ideas of the future.


This involves family, kids, savings, job and much more. It’s a mature discussion. Marriage involves a lot of talking and sensible decisions. It’s about two people, living together for the rest of their lives.


4. His/her family is as important as yours.


Because family comes first 🙂

You’ve met your significant other’s family and now, they accept you as a part of them.


5. You know the person inside out and you love them for that


You know your partner’s deepest, darkest secrets and their pet peeves. But you love them nevertheless!

6. You’re a mature individual capable of taking care of yourself.



Let’s be honest, Marriage isn’t easy. It requires both the partners to be committed and sensible. Whimsical behaviour can sometimes get in the way of a mature relationship.


7. Lastly, you FEEL it in your bones


When you know, you simply know! 😉

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