Career Counselling – The Whats and the Hows

The Whats:

If we lived in an older era where the probable job opportunities were hunters or farmers, we would not have to discuss why career counselling is even a thing. But as the humans have evolved up the food chain, so have our abilities and our roles in the society. So, today we do not need only farmers, or doctors, or teachers but instead we need all of them in the right proportions.

But with greater power comes greater responsibilities and with higher options also comes higher confusion. We have no dearth of varied jobs today. A student can specialise in the most absurd-sounding field or can easily go into the most generic field also. But the scope of these options is limitless. At the tender age of 16, where the student is just learning to learn about his likes and dislikes, he is suddenly faced with one of the most important choices of his life – Career. And that’s where we step in.

The whole aim of Career Counselling is discovering what set of skills the student possesses and which areas will he/she excel in. Being good in secondary-level math or painting well are not the most rock-solid signs of the right career. There’s a line between hobbies and career which most people tend to forget. The real challenge with Career Counselling is to gauge the student’s personality.

While it is entirely possible to shift careers in the latter part of your life, we believe that such an approach is unnecessary. Why should you have to wait to perhaps, your retirement, to finally enjoy what you do? Most students today are simply a target of the herd mentality. That is, if my friend chooses engineering, I should do that, too. The influence of the external world weighs heavy on him so he stops exploring and settles for the most feasible-looking option.

Such students who enter the so-called wrong fields, later tend to get upset and depressed. In order to avoid this vicious cycle, most of the esteemed universities in the world have a permanent career guidance center where the students can walk in whenever they feel like they need help.

With this in mind, the Government of India has now decided that it’s mandatory for the class 10th and 12th students to undergo a simple aptitude test for the students to make better choices.


The Hows:

How does Career Counselling work?

The Indian Education System has put a lot of emphasis on acquiring knowledge. But the crucial process of the application of this knowledge has not been established. Since most students study only in order to pass exams, they feel like they’re conditioned to rote learning and not conceptual learning.

Most students prepare all their life with one simple mantra – Good college = Good Grades. But unfortunately, nobody tells them the truth about exploring and overall development. This is where Counsellors have to step in.

Every individual is a unique combination of all the traits he has possessed since his childhood. What Counsellors actually do is that they analyse the strengths and the weaknesses of the students. In order to do so, there are certain tools like Interest Tests, Personality Tests, Aptitude Tests and so on which help the counsellors understand what exactly the student desires out of his career and whether he is equipped with the skill set required for such a career.

A good counsellor is essential because the reports from the above mentioned tests have to analysed and sorted so that the student receives a clear picture of where his strengths and desires lie.

We, at iThrive, have years of experience in Career Counselling and have taken it up to ourselves to personally deal with every child who looks to us in such a time of distress.

Choosing a career should not be such a daunting task. A little push in the right direction is all that a child needs!

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