The Millennials of Today

Lately, there has a been a lot of buzz around the word – “Millennials”. Some are condemning their habits while some are encouraging them to go out there and expand. Nevertheless, there is a lot of controversy which revolves around them, even if they are doing things right.


Millennials can not be defined in a paragraph that could completely help us understand the dynamic nature of this generation. And every aspect requires some special focus because this generation is far from perfect. They’ve been exposed to a lot within a short timeframe. Hence, they’re fast-paced and don’t have the conventional idea of “time”.


When it comes to relationships and commitment, it has been found that millennials are taking their own sweet time to settle down. Also, more and more of them are shying away from the idea of marriage. Moreover, they’ve are more accommodating to the idea of a divorce, which is no longer a taboo. The reason, still unknown, is not that they’re lazy and unwilling to work towards their relationships. Perhaps, they’re mature enough to understand when to walk out.


Millennials are born in the age when the “Communication Boom” occurred. This is the generation which is used to communicating, not in the conventional sense though, which is leading to a certain sense of disconnect. An article in the Forbes states that most Millennials make timid leaders. On the other hand, this is the generation which is pushing boundaries, getting involved and initiating start-ups and creating diversity.


Stability and job – You’ll find most contradicting ideas here. Millennials don’t conform to the standard “9-5” jobs. They don’t appreciate the idea of a desk job or stability. They like being the “Explorers” and the “Creators”. That’s partly the reason why they are involved in the Start-Up culture. They might not be the best leaders, but they are definitely better at exploring and creating,


This leads us to Focus. How focused are the Millennials? While some say that they lack this trait, we believe that it can be inculcated. After all, millennials are a can of assorted jewels. Each shining with the different idea which could possibly be the “Next big thing”. Yet, we don’t say this as consolation. This is the generation that has been awarded “Participation Prizes” and naturally, they find it difficult to cope with failure. This is that generation that has been fed sugarcoated lies. Now, if they’ve developed diabetes because of it, we can’t shrug off the responsibility.

The babyboomers nurtured the millennials. And whether you like it or not, they are the present and the future. As flawed as they seem to be, they’re simply bubbles of creativity. They have the means and the ideas. They might feel and act as though they’re entitled, but they’re adaptive. Humans are born with the ability to adapt and so they shall.

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