Why are Soft Skills harder to acquire?

Soft skills are those traits and attributes that enable a person to interact efficiently and maintain peaceful relations with supervisors, peers as well as, subordinates. There has been a lot of buzz around soft skills lately. From your Resumes and cover letters, to your final interview, if there’s a constant mention of a trait – It is soft skills.

We can not stress on how important and crucial soft skills are. Today, the organizations no longer need an adequate employee, they look for an ideal employee. Possessing the right technical skills and knowledge does give you a push, but having the right set of soft skills along with your technical skills makes you an ideal candidate. Hence, you’ll often find that soft skills are also called “Professional Skills”.

When you step into an industry, your world is no longer limited to yourself. You have to maintain relations with your clients, your boss and superiors, your juniors and interns and, your peers. Among all these workplace relationships, some tension or friction may arise at numerous occasions. Thus, it is necessary to inculcate the right skills to not only deal with such situations but also adapt, learn and keep yourself motivated.

You can always refer to books, surveys, focus groups and other media to build up on your technical skills. But soft skills are not that easy to build upon. Developing soft skills require a deliberate effort on your end. There’s no set pattern in acquiring soft skills; instead, you have to adapt to the situation. That is one of the reasons why soft skills are not so straightforward.

Developing your soft skills also requires constant practice and efforts from your end. That also implies that you have to maintain your set of skills even if the opposite person does not comply. Although, soft skills sound really abstract but they hold the key to your success in your personal and professional life.

Certain key soft skills include-

  • Communicating effectively


  • Leadership


  • Motivation


  • Teamwork


  • Negotiation Skills


  • Time Management


We, at iThriveTM, understand the need of soft skills training and development. We prepare custom modules for you/ your organization to target the problem areas.

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