5 ways to Transform your Team’s Productivity

The corporate world today desires individuals who not only possess the required knowledge but also have the necessary people skills to breathe life into the organization.  More often than not, employees are required to work in teams which can be a difficult task. Consequently, managing a team is thus, considered as one of the most important skills in the “real” world.

A team is a conglomeration of various individuals with their unique personalities and they all bring something different to the team. We, at iThrive, recognize how team building and team management are crucial skills in the business. In our attempt in helping you, we present to you five simple tips which can help you create and manage your team and, keep their motivation levels high.

1. Create a Positive Environment:

One of the easiest and the most effective ways to maintain goodwill and team productivity is to create and reinforce a positivity. Positivity impacts an individual’s ability to work with others, think creatively and explore. Such teams are more motivated and the end result culminates in better overall performance.

2. Extent of Individualised Consideration:

This involves adding a personal touch and being genuine. Portraying your concerns and empathy to your team members, hearing them out when required, giving them credit when it’s due and, treating them with respect are all a part of individualised consideration.

3. Provide Intellectual Stimulation:

Nobody enjoys monotony; it is necessary to take some risks and challenge certain assumptions. These factors contribute to personal growth as well as, plant the seed of creativity among the team members. Nurturing these aspects lead to opportunities for learning, overall growth and, development.
4. Be a source of Motivation:

Every organization has a final goal, a vision. As a team manager,you should efficiently articulate the vision which can help align the goals of the team members with that of the company. Providing the team members with inspiration, motivation, creating new opportunities and challenges, resonating your thoughts and ideas with optimism will create a deeper meaning and add value to the work. This instills a sense of affinity and bonding within the team wherein all the team members work towards one common goal.

5. Prove Your Worth:

A team manager has some responsibilities towards his team. You can not shun your team and claim zero responsibility towards the teamwork and team efficiency. The team members look up to you for guidance and help. Ideally, a team manager should naturally command respect and be a role model for all the team members.

We understand how possessing a healthy and high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important and beneficial than even having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in today’s competitive world. Based on the recent trends in the corporate world, we, at iThrive, aim to provide solutions for a healthy emotional management and facilitate in achieving the optimum potential.

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