It’s okay to not be okay?

Before we begin admonishing how it is absolutely normal to have difficult times, let us try to define what ‘okay’ really is. Okay is merely a word, which in essence, is losing its essence. Okay is perhaps a bar set by unrealistic expectations. What’s your okay may or may not be someone else’s okay. So, is it REALLY okay to not be okay?

While you get out the maze of ‘okays’, let us try to put things in perspective – We’re not asking you to celebrate mediocrity, to throw a ginormous party for a seemingly irrelevant achievement. Neither do we ask you to keep whining and not take any actions. Instead, what we do ask of you is to express and to open up; to learn to let go and to learn to be brave. Life isn’t easy or fair. In all honesty, it isn’t supposed to be any of them. Like they say – Smooth seas never make skilled sailors.

Innumerable people will tell you how it’s fine and that everything will work out eventually. What they don’t realise is that it’s a daunting task to keep moving forward when you’re broken. Being broken, again an overused term, but it’s important to understand the depth of them. Being broken is how your core is shaken and dethroned, when you no longer feel in charge of your own life and everything around seems like a mess. Offering two words of generic advice about how you’ll get through seems like a load of crap. You can’t gauge the depth the situation till you are caught in that storm yourself.

There is the point where you need to stop. Where you ought to stop and breathe, even if for a moment. Just because you are broken does not imply that you have to stay broken. We can fix you. Wait, let us correct that – YOU can fix yourself. You might’ve taken the backseat in your life but you can make the switch to the driver again. What defines you is not how messed up the situation is but the fact that you’re willing to take charge, that you’re wanting to take control.

As we welcome the new year, it is necessary that we take a closer look at ourselves. While everyone is busy setting goals for their physical fitness and taking up resolutions for the year, we need to pay heed to our mental fitness and well being. It’s okay to not be okay as long as you’re willing to turn the tables in your favour.

We at iThrive wish you a very pleasant, prosperous and healthy New Year!

-Simran Bhamra

A conventional girl, who studied engineering, with a flair for brazen expression and incessant questioning through her writing. Oh, also the head content writer at

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