It’s about the Mind AND the Body.

For far too long, we have seen the mind and the body as two separate entities. Where the body is the physical representation of well being and health and the mind is merely linked to subconscious and dreams. This correlation is due to the fact that we can SEE the body and the changes happening to it. Consequently, physical illness, pain and/or body image is given the utmost priority.

But the truth has been around for ages. Along with diet and exercise, mental health is also a crucial aspect for overall well being and happiness of an individual.


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You recall how mental frustration reduces your physical abilities? A bad day at work turns into a literal headache at the end of the day? These are very simple examples of how the mind and the body work together. Similarly, when you experience joy, your body releases the “happy hormones” that help you feel good about yourself. This is why regular exercise and moderation in diet is given so much importance.


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The mind and body work together in more ways than you can imagine. You must be familiar with the rush you feel after a good workout session. That rush is nothing but a release of endorphins which trigger the positive feeling in your mind. However, this connection between the two entities has been ignored to such an extent that mental health now comes with an attached stigma.

Mental health, though not visible, is as vital as physical health and needs additional efforts in stressed out situations. Your body responds to the way you think, you feel and you act. In such situations, calming your body is the first step to recovery. Meditation, yoga, exercising are all natural ways to gain some control over yourself which is why the mind and the body are no longer two separate parts of the body.

In conclusion, all we need to say is that –


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