About us

Why You Should Choose Us?

iThrive – Journey to Self discovery

Our name reflects our ideology and mission – Discover your true hidden self and begin your journey to growth.

At iThrive, we work towards achieving and maintaining a balanced emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health which will ultimately lead to a joyful, meaningful existence. We focus on providing a non-judgmental environment to help individuals work on their blind spots and free themselves from emotional baggage.

We give children the necessary guidance, care and nurture them along with systematic behavior or remedial plans to assist them grow into successful and happy individuals.
We have a great success rate in career guidance because our motive is to assist all students understand their strength and weaknesses. This enables them to take an accurate decision regarding their career paths. All the assessments used at iThrive are standardized.

We openly embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals. People have varied perspectives, conditioning and needs. Hence, we utilise integrated methods of psychotherapy as per the needs of the clients.

We, at iThrive, respect your personal space and hence, your privacy is completely guarded at all times.