Group Counselling

What does group counselling involve and why should you choose it

  • Working with Individuals who are bound together by a common interest, purpose, or function
  • Assisting in sharing their personal adverse experiences with the group
  • Empathic listening, unconditional love and acceptance from the entire group
  • Assistance in inculcating and imbibing skills needed to heal through the trauma, whether anxiety, phobia, rape, abusive relationship, suicidal tendencies etc with the support and encouragement of the group

Group counselling plays an important role in enhancing the mental health of individuals associated with the group. Group consists of individuals bound together by a common interest, purpose, or function. In the present day context, the groups are functional and also goal oriented.

In groups, an individual experiences dealing with significant others in the outside world and environment, and in the process learns the group values. These group values are beneficial for all interpersonal relationships whether of friends, authority or family members.

Group counselling focuses on assisting counselees to cope with their day to day adjustment and other concerns. Examples might focus on behavioral modification, developing personal relationship skills, concerns of human sexuality, values or attitudes, or career decision making.