IQ Assessment

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is defined by Wechsler as “the capacity to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with environment.”

What is IQ?

Intelligence test is a test used to evaluate general level of cognitive functions and intellectual ability. The scores given to this general intellectual ability is called IQ. In other words, it is an assessment of how you think and reason.

Types of IQ

  • Verbal: Such tests use written language and hence requires the examinees to be literate.
  • Non Verbal:Non Verbal test of Intelligence is a culture fair I.Q test because it does not involve any language. Anybody above the age of 10 can take this test. It is also known as a Performance test.
  • Why do we need to measure intelligence?

IQ can be checked for adults as well as children for an entirely different set of reasons. In case of children, IQ can be checked for:

Highly Intellectual/ Gifted: As parents, when you notice that your child is extremely intelligent but is facing challenges in areas other than academics, such as relations with his peer or elders, control issues, perfectionism etc. getting his IQ checked followed by counselling would help him to deal with his problems.

Academic Challenge/Learning Disability: Often children are unable to cope at school. Parents observe that nothing motivates the child to study; he avoids studies and is not happy discussing the same at school or home, though he may be doing well in other activities. Instead of pressurizing the child to do well and compete with his classmates, it is recommended to get his IQ tested. This will not only assist parents understand the child better but also eliminate the issue of unrealistic expectations from the child.

Hyperactivity: For those children who cannot sit in one place and are unable to concentrate for a longer time or they are too fidgety or inattentive, an IQ test would be advisable.

We at iThrive incorporate the below mentioned IQ Tests

  • WISC
  • Raven’s Progressive Matrices
  • Non Verbal test of Intelligence
  • Binet Kamat
  • Wechsler’s Memory Scale

These IQ tests give a concrete picture of a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness would help the child in making the best use of his potential.