Q1. Is counselling just talking?

A1. Counselling is a scientific process, through which the counselor facilitates the client to address his/her specific concerns in most suitable manner.

Q2. Do I have a mental problem if I go for counselling?

A2. No. counselling can be for career, IQ, parenting skills, relationship conflicts, soft skills, concerns like stress & anxiety, depressive conditions, trauma & grief etc.

Q3. How long do I have to continue with counselling?

A3. Counselling can be as brief as three sessions or could prolong for many sessions depending on the client’s concerns.

Q4. How long is the duration of each session?

A4. Generally each counselling session is between 45-60 minutes of duration.

Q5. What about the fee structure?

A5. Generally counselling fee is charged per session. The fee amount depends on the kind of services chosen.

Q6. How often does one need to take a counselling session?

A6. Usually it is once a week but it can vary depending on the need of the client.

Q7. Would the counselor reveal my personal information to others?

A7. The conversation is kept absolutely confidential. We respect your personal space & privacy.