Family counselling

For most people, family is the support system they can blindly rely on. A person begins his journey of learning with his family. Whatever a person learns, he does so from his family members through communication, imitation and dealings with the daily life problems. His knowledge about the world is based on the experiences and the interactions he has had with his family. Thus, family plays a very crucial role in shaping an individual and his habits.

It is a common belief among counselors and most mental health professionals that if a person has any type of an emotional problem, not only the concerned person should visit the counselor but also his very close family members so as to improve the communication among family members and the family structure.

If the family structure is not cohesive and if there are communication gaps among the family members itself, a person’s mental health might be detrimentally affected. We believe that counselling of significant people along with the client can improve the interpersonal relations and resolve the emotional conflicts of a person.