5 Simple Techniques To Overcome Loneliness

In a world where terms such as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and YOLO (You Only Live Once) have become of major importance, there’s an expectation that you constantly need to be doing something: shopping, travelling, partying, socialising – the list is never ending.

This invisible layer of social expectations can make anyone feel overwhelmed. They become the untold definition of how to live life the right way, which puts pressure on anyone who isn’t following these unspoken rules. Fail to follow these expectations, and you find yourself feeling lonely. However, these expectations aren’t always meaningful ones. Doing things that the society ‘expects’ you to do, without any real human connection or emotion can leave you feeling empty and alone.

Even though there there’s no instant remedy for overcoming loneliness, you can begin changing your actions which can ease the pain from feeling alone. Understanding loneliness and then developing an action plan, will also give you a new focus that can help you deal with it a healthy way.

  1. Understand loneliness is an emotion.
    Emotions can be powerful. Negative emotions can make you feel desperate and anxious. Because loneliness is more of an emotion than it is a reality, it can be replaced with a more positive and productive emotion. You can trade loneliness for hope or faith.
  2. Reach out and connect.
    During times when you are feeling lonely, consider the fact all you need to do is to ask just one person for help. It can be a friend, a family member, or a co-worker. The point is there are people in your life who will come to your side when you make the choice to ask.
  3. Learn to be alone.
    When factors in life dictate periods of being alone, it can be the loneliness that is more painful than the alone-ness. In other words, alone-ness and loneliness are not the same things – ever though it may feel like they are the same. By learning to be alone, you are better able to control the negative emotions that loneliness can cause. Exercise, meditation, or journaling are all productive and therapeutic ways to adjust to being alone. These positive behaviors allow you better avenues to get in touch with what your soul needs to be nourished and sustained through difficult times.
  4. Volunteer your time and talent.
    You possess gifts that no one else does. Your experiences about the world are unique and are valuable. Find a cause or a person you have energy for, and spend whatever time you have to explore & lend your support. In the process, something amazing will happen: The more you give; the more you will be filled up.
  5. Live your passion.
    Just as we each have our set of unique abilities, we also have a purpose for our lives. When we better align our lives with our passions, we find people and things begin to appear. People & things that are better aligned to who we are, what we love, how we perceive life. Their presence, companionship and grace are all effective antidotes to our loneliness. Take this time to explore yourself and live your passions. You never know when it would lead to the start of a new chapter of your life!

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