Are Anxiety and Mood Swings a part of our daily life?

Every second day there’s an elaborate news piece on how a 17 year old has committed suicide. You turn the page to read about the crises in Syria and the issues present worldwide. With the turn of another page, there are articles about the severity of depression and its consequences.

When we live in such a relentlessly fast-paced world, is it normal to not match up to the pace sometimes? This lack in matching up is the direct result of frequent mood swings and stress. Combine this with the lack of exercise and importance to mental health, we create the perfect recipe for Depression.

It’s not a hidden fact that the youth today seem to be more stressed and worked up than what it was 40 years ago. To be precise, more than half the students today are experiencing frequent anxiety attacks (Source). Most of this anxiety revolves around the fear of not doing well, feeling helpless and even not fitting in. As shallow as these reasons might seem, the underlying truth is that our youth is constantly battling with Low Self Esteem.

Even the twenty somethings today are not free from stress and anxiety. The current generation aims to surpass their elders. So, you’ll find these young adults worrying about finances, real estate, the dwindling economy, future trends, career prospects and so on. The coping mechanism usually seen in indulging in drugs and alcohol. As we’ve already mentioned in the previous post, the current generation lacks at setting the right boundaries for themselves and this, inherently, leads to drugs and substance abuse.

We’d be wrong to claim that only the young adults of today are dealing with anxiety and mood swings. The real culprit would be the “Media” around us. If you’re continuously exposed to news of negative nature, it can have a deep and long lasting impact on your mental health. It’s not wrong to be updated with what’s happening in the world. However, long term exposure does have a serious impact. For example, the infamous social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc) have led to FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. Negative news does not only impact your mood but also alters the way you perceive your surroundings.

If not dealt with properly, these mood swings and anxiety attacks can become more prominent. It’s like a jar – the more you keep filling it, the heavier it gets, to it can not contain anymore. Today, it is equally important to understand and maintain mental health along with physical health. We can no longer ignore our mental health especially when we’re under constant bombardment of negativity from all around.  Times change and we need to equip ourselves with the tools to adapt to this change. It is perfectly normal to feel stressed and anxious; you just need to calm yourself down because eventually everything will fall into place.


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