Decoding the Millennial Dictionary

Communication is a tough nut to crack and communicating with your kids, let’s not get there. It’s even tougher! So today, we decided to explore the millennial terms and dive into their slang-filled language. Read on to find out the most used and abused millennial slang terms –


  • Slay

Meaning – To succeed in something amazing, awesome

Example – She looks so beautiful! She’s slaying it.


  • Fam

Meaning – family, someone you trust, dear

Example – You understand me, fam! (When talking to a close friend)


  • Meh

Meaning 1- substandard

Example – This graphic looks so meh. I wish it had more life in it!


Meaning 2 – indifference

Example – What do you want for lunch?



  • Extra

Meaning – unnecessary, over the top, dramatic behaviour

Example – So what if she went out with him again? Stop being so extra.


  • Savage

Meaning – cool, fearless

Example – He just nailed the 360° flip! He’s so savage!


  • Salty

Meaning – upset, being agitated

Example – So what if you didn’t win first place? Stop being so salty about it.


Now that you know these words, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to test. Communicate with your kids and be a part of their life.


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