Pro Feminism, alright. What about pro Gender Sensitization?

We have all heard about feminism and you’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about it yet. Our social media is flooded with feminism in every form – memes, stories, haters, supporters and everything else you can think of. We have celebrities twisting the meaning of feminism and media having a blast over it. You get our point – Everyone KNOWS feminism and now, every one claims to be a feminist.


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Now, taking a closer look into feminism and the ‘feminists’, you’ll realize how shaky their belief is. Yes, it is about equal salary and equal respect. But that is not ALL it stands for. Lack of Gender Sensitization is what fuels the disparity between the genders. Gender Sensitization is instilling the feelings of respect and empathy towards the opposite gender.

The most basic example of lack of gender sensitization begins in our own household. It begins when you teach your daughter to cook while your son watches television. You propel it when you expect your daughter to marry at 25 while your son enjoys the liberty of marrying whomever and whenever he desires. It reaches its summit when you expect your son to be the “Man of the House” and take care of everyone. It grows EVERY TIME you let yourself create the difference between your son and your daughter. And the disparities are endless.


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Who is going to teach your son the basic chores of a household when he’s abroad for a semester? Who is going to teach your daughter self dependency if her marriage isn’t heading in the right direction? Moreover, who has made these categories of jobs? Which jobs are right for men and which jobs are right for women? If women are meant to cook, why are the most celebrated chefs of the world men? If men are supposed to excel in sports, why are the women sports team doing exceptionally well?


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Gender roles and gender discrimination exists because WE created them. We decided what’s fit for a woman and what’s fit for a man. And the truth is, it’s enough. We truly have had the gender roles pass along generations as though they were our family heritage. The same set of customs, ideals and values are passed along from one generation to another, without even considering that we could be wrong. This is where it stops. This is where you think before you act. And moreover, think before you inculcate the same set of ideals and values within your children.

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