It’s the Great Depression, again!

Depression has been written about and explained far too well. We aren’t here to provide you with the history of depression, its causes and its cures. This IS NOT a science class, anymore. It’s real life!

If you look back in the past month, you’ll find that your social media has been filled with posts and images on depression. Why, you ask? And what is this sudden need to create awareness? Maybe because, in India, we see 10 million cases of depression, annually. In fact, India is among the WORST hit countries when it comes to depression!


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According to Statistics, the average age of India will be 29 years. When you compare this figure to superpowers like the USA, the average age is 38 as of 2015. The reason for stating these facts is this – For a rapidly developing country like ours, whose population is going to be the working class, depression is NOT going to aid our growth.

What’s worse is that depression is not taken as seriously as it is supposed to. You’ll find people referring to depression like it’s no big deal. It’s time you wake up. Because as of now, at this very moment when you’re reading this, 56 million Indians are depressed! It doesn’t get over there. Another 38 million Indians suffer from anxiety disorders. This is NOT how a healthy, quickly developing country should look like!

Let’s explore this further, in 2012, India accounted for the HIGHEST number of suicides in the world. If you think it’s just our country that is doing a lousy job, think again. Depression is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally because every 40 seconds, a person commits suicide!


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We may not be able to STOP it, but here’s what we can do, for ourselves and our friends who may be suffering –

  • Do not treat depression as a joke.
  • Exercise and eat healthy to maintain a balanced lifestyle
  • Avoid use of drugs and alcohol. They don’t ease the pain, they make it worse.
  • Listen to understand, not just to respond
  • If your friend/colleague shows signs of depression, please help him/her.
  • Visit a counsellor if the problem is persistent. Remember, depression CAN be cured.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, feel free to call us at  +91 98202 57739 / +91 982057 6682.

For those who are uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a counsellor, we provide counselling services over Skype calls and NO portion of your conversation will be revealed to anyone. We’re here to help.

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