For all those times when you don’t feel good enough…

Stop. Breathe.

You ARE worthy.

If there are fears that grip you or anxiety that holds you back, you’re not alone. Every day is a new challenge, and every second passing is you emerging victorious. Breakdown, if you need to. But pull yourself back up. Fall down seven times, get up eight.

It’s difficult, we know. The world is crazy out there. All those proverbs about the “Dog-eat-dog” world seem to be coming true. And you feel like you’re the only one who’s lagging behind?

Your Instagram is filled with “Fri-yay” images and pictures of the best food in the world. You Facebook seems to be cluttered with everyone going on a vacation. It’s all about the fancy check-ins and the glamorous lives, right? A kick to your self-esteem, maybe?

Well, you’re wrong. These facades are what causes your low self-esteem. You needn’t starve yourself to look like a flawless model. While the life of a traveller seems exciting, you don’t see what lies behind. You see ONLY what people choose to show you.

You don’t feel good enough? Why? You’re made up of star dust, the stuff that galaxies are made up of. And who said that life was going to be easy, right? And it can’t be that bad. There’s ALWAYS a silver lining. You just have to get through, one day at a time.

Having second thoughts about life? Don’t go there, it’s not worth it. You are loved and cherished. Look around, you’ve touched so many lives without realising. You may not be at your best, but it all works out in the end. Finally, it’s all a happy picture.

It may be a hard day at work or even a lifetime of sadness, but things do get better. You’re not dumb, useless, unlovable and all those mean adjectives you use for yourself. First of all, cut yourself some slack. Why are you so critical of your every move? It’s almost as if you can’t stop, right?

Believe us, dear, the future is very forgiving. You can either recollect all the tough times or you can count your blessings. Sometimes, it’s okay to let go. Let go of your harsh opinions of yourself. 

Team iThrive.

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