Is “Right Time” a myth?

Do you recall the bedtime stories your parents and grandparents told you to put you to sleep? Legends of a brave king and a damsel in distress, how they met, fell in love and lived happily ever after. Then came Disney to reinforce the idea of “happily ever after” and to make you love the idea of love. Since childhood, you’re taught how love happens but why has nobody shed light on what happens next?


That’s what happens, in most cases at least. So how do YOU know what’s the right time? Rather, is there even a right time?

The fable of the right time has been present ever since the dawn of mankind. However, the whole idea then was based on biological clocks of men and women. Today, the right time includes various factors like stability, maturity, sensitivity, intelligence, financial security and the list goes on.

The problem is – An individual can check all the boxes in this “List of Right Time” and yet not be ready to face this sacred institution of marriage. A marriage is a promise and creates an eternal bond not only between two individuals but also two families. Hence, it is always advised to be mentally and emotionally prepared before they get married.

In today’s dynamic and fast- paced world, we see all kinds of people. People who run away from the idea of marriage, people who rush into it, people who do not believe in marriage anymore. So, what is really the right time to get married?

We believe that the idea of right time in itself is baseless. Right time is, thus, a mere myth. The right time is not a commodity that can be enforced. It is, instead, a state of mind. Human beings have climbed up the ladder of evolution and today, dominate the planet. Nonetheless, what we fail to understand at each step is that every individual is unique. Every individual has his own set of values, beliefs, morals, ideas and personalities. So when we say that the right time is a state of mind, we believe that it is up to YOU to understand yourself, introspect and evaluate.

The concept of right time has been exploited for far too long. What started out as a basis of convenience has turned into a sort of standard operating procedure. The secret of living a rich and fulfilling life is to live your life on your own terms and, not by simply adopting age old policies which may do more harm than good.

Let go of the idea of a right time. The right time can strike when you’re 18 or 30, it simply depends on you. You, as a unique individual, have the innate power to know yourself the best. Utilize that power to bring out the best in you. And then, you shall know what truly the right time stands for…

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