Fear, Love and Toxic Relationships.

What is love if not the fear of losing? What is love if not the fear that stems out of insecurities? What about the eternal, long-lasting kind of love? Does that still exist?

People generally don’t classify love and fear in the same category. It’s usually combined with hope, happiness and all the positive emotions. But where do jealousy, insecurity and, domination fit? Aren’t they associated with love as well?

If you feel these emotions in any of your relationships, be warned. Not all relationships in your life are meant to last but if ALL relationships in your life seem to be revolving around the negative spectrum of emotions, it’s about time to start to reevaluate and assess yourself. Toxic relationships are a huge part of today’s lifestyle. With the social media craze that you’re always surrounded with, there’s one trait that is prominent amongst all us – Fear of Missing Out, fondly called FOMO. This monster of FOMO further fuels your insecurities and compels you to pretend to live a ‘happening’ life.

Let’s take a minute to talk about toxic relationships. These are the ones you should be looking out for and be weary of them. These toxic relationships can be with your parents, friends, family, peers and so on. Such relationships instill a fear within you which hampers your growth as an individual. When your friends get jealous of your progress, they fear you surpassing them- This IS a toxic relationship. Throughout the journey of an emotional bond, there are certain signs that you need to keep an eye out for –

  1. Keeping a scorecard in your relationship
  2. Lack of trust/ no real bonding
  3. Hinders your growth
  4. Suppresses your personality
  5. Subjects you to terms and conditions


Fake smiles are worn as masks today and it can be difficult to understand that you are in a toxic relationship. Since humans have the innate ability to feel and understand, we usually tend to let go of such instances simply because we FEAR of losing that person. This is the point that we ask you to breathe for minute and analyze your relationship.

You’re not obliged to keep a person in your life he doesn’t add value to you. Demeaning and toxic relationships can exacerbate and lead to serious mental disturbance. It brings unhappiness, self doubt and, harsh criticism. You do not owe your mental peace to anyone. Be aware of your surroundings and observe. The decisions you make today can gravely affect your future. Let go of the fear and the worry of losing someone who’s not worth your time.

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