Which “feminists” are we?

“Feminism” has perpetually been under the scrutiny of social media – empowerment and disapproval going hand in hand. Some complain about how bra straps shouldn’t make old men uncomfortable, while some fight for their right to the half of everything. While neither of the approaches is wrong, it doesn’t change how feminism is perceived. Feminism has now grown into a full fledged community of Femi-Nazis. Yes, Femi-Nazis are the extremists of feminism.

While everyone deserves their share of basic human rights, we often tend to forget the root of the rights. Consequently, every right carries a duty associated with it. If you’re given the right to free speech, inevitably, your associated duty is to not offend anyone with your speech. Isn’t that what we were taught in our civics class anyway? However, in these ‘progressive’ times, offending someone has become a piece of cake whereas exercising your rights – a mere luxury.

Coming back to the idea of feminism – it’s about equal rights. Now, purists can complain why we don’t call it equalism, but it’s the ‘female’ gender that needs to be empowered; it’s females who’ve been oppressed and in fact, still are, in so many parts of the world. Women have been dependent on men, agreed. But that doesn’t give men the right to exercise his right over these women, right? After all, women are not dolls or commodities that you claim your rights over.

While this is one side of the story and it portrays how feminism is born out of the right reasons, the problem is that we NEVER stop hyping the situation to an extent that it contradicts the core. The school essays on ‘Technology – a boon or a bane’ were perhaps designed to equip you with the gift of reason and understanding. People who claim to be feminists are those who don’t support equal rights, while some who run away from the idea of it are the ones who genuinely believe and wish for equal rights.

In conclusion, feminism is not about how women are superior to men. It is ONLY about how women should get the same rights and privileges as anyone. No point being extremists, isn’t it?

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